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Mid-1987 saw the appearance of a new game called "Game Over". The above advert for it appeared in the July 1987 issue of Your Sinclair and caused a storm of protest. Newsagents even threatened to stop selling Your Sinclair. Perhaps this displeasure was caused by the Darth Vader type character wielding a smoking gun, or because he appeared to be hiding behind a woman, and a very beautiful woman at that.

No the cause of all the outrage was the fact that this woman had a nipple on the end of her breast as shown in this close-up picture:

Game Over July
Your Sinclair - July 1987

Imagine the publishers of "Game Over" were told their advert was offensive and they had to change it. Time was short so something had to be done quickly. The answer was to thrust the logo of Dinamic, the games designers, over the offending part:

Game Over August
Your Sinclair - August 1987

By the following month someone had strategically placed two small metal breastplates over the offending parts of the breasts. It always looked to me like the work of someone other than the original artist.

Game Over September
Your Sinclair - September 1987

The strange thing is that Your Sinclair gave away a "Game Over" poster with the September issue and it showed the offending nipple in all its glory!


Can anyone throw any light on who the original artist was, it looks like L.Royd, and if he did or did not add the abominations to the original artwork.

It is really strange to think that only eighteen years ago this caused such a great uproar, but then again are things really so different today?

My thanks to Mikkel Eide Eriksen for the following:

The original artwork actually appeared on the cover of Heavy Metal magazine (May 1984 - Vol.8 No.2) called "Cover Ere Comprimee" and is attributed to Luis Royo. It was probably also featured in the original French version of this magazine.


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