Telecomputing across the U.S. by Mark Fendrick.


One of the most eagerly awaited add-ons for the Timex/Sinclair computers was the modem. Timex had announced a modem that was scheduled for release in November of 1983, which was to be compatible with both the T/S 1000/1500 (ZX-81) and T/S 2068. This was dubbed the T/S 2050 Telecommunications Modem. Unfortunately, Timex went out of the computer market before they received the first shipment. After a short delay, Westridge Communications, a division of Anchor Automation, released the modem that they were producing for Timex, and the Timex/Sinclair 2050 is now known as the Westridge 2050.

The cassette that comes with the modem (SMART TERMINAL 1) has the T/S 1000/1500 software on one side, and the T/S 2068 software on the other. An advanced version of this software, called SMART TERMINAL II, allows for the storage of up to fourteen telephone numbers with log-on instructions, and the ability to upload and download.

It attaches to either computer via a 12 inch RS232C cable which ends in a Timex interface (built in) which then connects to the edge expansion bus. The connector is of the piggy-back type so that other peripherals may be added. The set-up for both computers is identical, with only the software differing.

The modem connects to Ma Bell’s (the American version of BT) equipment directly, and has a phone jack built in so that you may connect a telephone to your modem, although that is not necessary. In fact, you do not need a telephone at all. Set-up of the modem takes just a moment and you are ready to go.

A second modem is available from the Byte-Back Company who introduced the first modem ever available for the T/S 1000. Their current offering is compatible with all models.


Published in:
ZX Computing Volume 2 - Number 6
April/May 1985
by Mark Fendrick

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