Timex, the company that manufactures the TS1000 (ZX81 to you and me) are soon to launch the American equivalent to the ZX Spectrum.

Designated the TS2000, it is basically an upgrade of the British machine, i.e. with some of the bugs ironed out! The ROM incorporated in the TS2000 is similar to the one we have all come to know and love, but has been adapted for a number of changes to Sinclair BASIC. For instance, it is reputed that the commands, ATTN, ACS and ASN have been removed, and an AUTO line numbering, a RENUMbering and line deletion function, and other editing features have been inserted to replace them.

Due to the popularity of plug-in cartridges, games or otherwise, in the States, it is thought that the TS2000 will also incorporate a port which will accept 4K - 32K ROM cartridges.

The price of the new machines are to be somewhere in the region of $150 (£94) and $200 (£125) for the 16K and 48K models respectively. The TS1000 has also been reduced in price recently so that it now compares to the British price for the machine. Incidentally, reports are that the TS1000 has cornered over a quarter of the USA's home computer market.

The TS2000 is also to be launched with the TS2040, a new, larger printer which also utilises a thermal print mechanism.


Published in:
ZX Computing Volume 1 - Number 6
April/May 1983

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