My son recently told me that I was a dinosaur who should forget about the old and obsolete Spectrum and move with the times. This got me thinking of all the computers which have come and gone and have nobody to mourn their passing. So here is my list of computers which came and went, often in the blink of an eye! Perhaps you can recall some of them, almost everyone will be able to think of some more:


(nobody's star sign)

Sqidgy keys made a come back as did a tiny memory and appalling games.

ZX Line


(couldn't cut it)

Invaded from Japan on its own before MSX and failed just as miserably.

ZX Line


(a low card)

No colour, funny keyboard and an unconventional language (Forth) made this a sure-fire flop.

ZX Line


(a crab apple)

A powerful machine derived from the Colecovision games console, included good sound and graphics and a printer. Supported by about four pieces of software, but not supported by the public.

ZX Line


(turned everyone green)

A beefed up Dragon 32 designed to turn the ailing machine around, retained the unique 'green-look' graphics. Dragon's accountants turned green too.

ZX Line


(boldly went...)

Tried hard, spent lots of money on promotion, good sound and graphics. Looked like a halibut but still sank like a stone.

ZX Line


(red hot)

Great machine, looked strong, compatible with lots of things, got great reviews. Sold well, I am told, in the Slavic countries. Went into the red money-wise and then down the plughole.

ZX Line


(cat with nine lives)

A powerful, quasi-business machine but with software like 'Oh Mummy!'. Relaunched repeatedly but never made the big time.

ZX Line


(Clive's bridge to far)

With its SuperBasic and a suite of four 'serious' applications it should have swept the world. Instead this and the C5 Electric Car (?) were the straws which finally broke Sir Clive's back.

ZX Line


(the great invasion)

And finally, who can forget (what do you mean you've never heard of it?) when a committee of the greatest computer minds of Japan got together to make the unified MSX system which would sweep the world. By the time any of the computers arrived on the scene they were obsolete. Definitely not one of the Japanese best ideas!

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